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We offer comprehensive security solutions, including high-quality fencing, access control, and advanced surveillance systems for enhanced protection.

Security Solutions

HESCO Wire Fencing, Electric Fencing, Barb Wire & Razor Wire
– High-security perimeter solutions for deterrence and prevention.
– Customizable options for varying security needs.
– Electric fencing for enhanced detection capabilities.
T-Walls and Blast Resistant Walls
– Heavy-duty protective barriers built to withstand blasts and impacts.
– Ideal for safeguarding critical infrastructure and assets.
Access Gates and Barriers/Tyre Killers
– Controlled access points for both vehicles and personnel.
– Tyre killers provide an extra layer of security against unauthorized vehicles.
Surveillance Systems
– Advanced surveillance technologies for real-time monitoring and threat detection.
– High-resolution cameras, motion detection, and remote access features.

Video Walls and Surveillance Systems

Video Walls for NOC & Surveillance Rooms
– Cutting-edge video wall solutions for Network Operations Centers and surveillance rooms.
– Seamless display of multiple video feeds for heightened situational awareness.
Vein Surveillance Systems
– Innovative biometric technology for secure access control.
– Vein pattern recognition ensures highly accurate and tamper-resistant identification.
Biometric Systems
– Comprehensive biometric solutions for access control and identity verification.
– Includes fingerprint, facial recognition, and iris scanning options.

Telecommunications and Network Operations

Single Site/Multi-Site Telecoms Systems
– Scalable telecom systems for single or multiple locations.
– Voice and data communication solutions tailored to specific requirements.
Network Operating Rooms/Surveillance Room
– Robust infrastructure solutions for NOCs and surveillance operations.
– Redundant power, cooling, and connectivity for uninterrupted operations.

Data Center Solutions

From the Ground Up

End-to-end data center design, construction, and provisioning services. High-performance facilities built to industry standards.


A wide range of computing devices, from laptops to mission-critical servers. Top-tier hardware for demanding applications and workloads.


Diverse storage solutions, including network storage, DAS, NAS, and SAN. Specialized options for tough and encrypted storage needs.

YS Enterprises is your trusted partner for comprehensive security solutions. Contact us today to discuss your security needs and let us tailor a solution that perfectly fits your requirements. Your safety is our priority.